Sacred Light Geometry

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Video Installation
Sacred geometry. An ancient knowledge of the past recovery and reinterpreted through the light.
An art form recognized that reinterprets nature. Numbers preserved and reported up to the present day, now trasfomed in light and color through technology.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 |


  • FatCat
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Technical rider

  • Διάρκεια : 600 min.
  • Τύπος: Video Installation
The video installation consists in a series lines and disc. The lines are white tape or plastic and the disc are plastic or wood. The shape of the design is changeable and adaptable depending on the context.
Size about 2 m x 2 m.

There also an interactive version with leap motion connected and led light bar if theres a structure to hang it.

Projector 5000 ansilumen :
Electricity 220V
HDMI video cable

Minimad (rasperryP )
White tape
Plastic or wood disc


Εγγεγραμμένο από
18 Μάιος 2006
27 Απρίλιος 1981

  • Italy Reggio Emilia



Huynh Hong Son Samuele in art FATCAT of Vietnamese origins, was born in Rome in 1981. Graphic by profession and visual maker for passion, he begins to give movement his images and he approaches the video editing in 2001, realizing video musical and shorts with friends and participating to several local film exhibitions.He gets his first approach with the vjing, when he perceives that fusing the own passion for music with his creative imagination, he succeeds in the object to transmit visual emotions. From now on he begins to follow the phenomenon of vjing in all its different facets, being interested above all to the italian scene and its growth.In 2004, for the first time he begins to accompany with the own visual ones, the Moloch group crossover of Reggio Emilia, in tour for concerts and events such as the Nu-Metal Festival and in the meantime he begins to work like vj resident to the More an historic Club of the city of Modena.In the same year he becomes admininistrator of the forum of VjingIt, first national point of reference on the vjing, where together others vj of all Italy he tries to diffuse and to promote this new shape of art.At the beginnings of 2005 he starts his collaboration with Folco Amoretti (Folko) and Simone Pollastri (Poule Flou).Together they start _Underscore project a collective with the object to strengthen the just engagement, until then individual, under an only name, pointing out into the Emiliana reality and the Italian scene.From then on the most representative evenings in the national club begin from the Maffia Club (Reggio Emilia) and Link (Bologna) like vj resident.- Together to the Underscore, he participates to events linked with the vjing and performances A/V like the VjCalling to the Matrix of Brescia, to the LPM (LivePerformance Meeting) to the LinuxClub in Rome, E-Day Mixed Media Festival in Pisa.In 2007 he has partecipated to Oddstream an european youth exchange project where young people from different countries cooperate and make audiovisual productions together in Nijmegen (NL).FatCat vjSet are strongly characterized from one visual communication, a mix motion graphic, video sampling and photographies.A strong characterization with the human figure in his gestures and his simple and exasperated movements, strong and bright colours, sometimes extinguished and sometimes luminous.

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