Performance [3]

Dalla luce alla proiezione
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Subculture Recording Show Case
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Traveling without Moving
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Ομάδα Performance [4]

Dalla luce alla proiezione
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studio n.1
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Subculture Recording Project
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Εγγεγραμμένο από
20 Αύγουστος 2007
26 Απρίλιος 1979

  • Italy Perugia



Luca Cataldo (In art Ka: lu) is a multimedia artist specializing in audio visual installations, large projections, vjing and djing.

His path in the world of visual arts is a result of learning by doing, which began in Rome in 2000 during university studies in communication. Fascinated by electronic and digital arts, he began experimenting with impromptu montages (LIVE VISUAL, VJING) thanks to the use of software and hardware that allowed him to live mix the footage recorded by him and video streams from live footage, television, film and short film and animation.

During these years his audio/visual performances found space in the Roman Underground scene; subsequently he began the adventure at the international level, thanks to the INCA Network, as a coordinator, trainer and multimedia artist in over 50 European projects.

In 2008 he arrived to Holland where he was responsible for the artistic residencies and technical direction of the Dutch multimedia festival Oddstream.

In these years, next to live performances, he continued deepening his knowledge through workshops led by tutors such as Fabio Di Salvo, Claudio Sinatti, Stefano Polli, Andrea Gabrieli, and Bianco-Valente, starting to realize his first immersive visual and sound installations.

He currently lives in Umbria and is involved in different projects including, KIDSBIT festival which deals with the creative use of new technologies for children and families of the new millennium; he is the co-founder of Antica Proietteria specialized in the realization of audiovisual shows, multimedia installations and training courses.

Through his work he expresses and shows the achievements and the discoveries of everyday.

His style is always looking for an aesthetic that represents beauty and that can allow an immersive experience for a heterogeneous public.

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