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The workshop is characterized by a series of meetings about the complex area of interactive design. The operational aspects of the interactive design applied to the performance spaces, with particular reference to the TouchDesigner software http://www.derivative.ca
TouchDesigner is based on a visual programming language that allows the design of digital and interactive content, they are: real-time audio / video / 3D manipulation, realization of interactive applications and video installations, management of multi-projections and mapping, preparation of digital scenography and performance / interactive spaces.

General contents:
Introduction to Media Design for Interactive Environments Case studies
Introduction to the visual development environment: TouchDesigner
Main input / output systems: Tablet / Mobile, Arduino, Kinect, Wii, Leap, DMX, Projectors,
Lab. TouchDesigner: Graphical Interfaces, Real-time Interaction & Tracking, Mapping

Organization of the course:
#1 Interactive Design | Introduction
Introductory examples, examples of the various fields of Interactive Design and of the application possibilities of TouchDesigner software: from Multiprojections to Sound-reactive Installations.
TouchDesigner: introduction to the development environment based on visual programming language.

#2 TouchDesigner | Interactive design workshop
All phases necessary for the prototyping of a project in the context of interactive design through the TouchDesigner development environment.

Who is it aimed to:
University students, who want to specialize their training.
Professionals, who already carry out their activities in the field of communication and new media.
Creatives in general, who want to expand their expressive skills, updating the baggage of multimedia and interactive design tools.

Emanuele Tarducci
Architect and Interaction Designer, he lives and works in Rome.
Expert in electronic technologies applied to themes of Design and Layout, he is a lecturer at several Italian Design Universities and Schools, he has coordinated the three-year Interaction Design Course at QDU for several years, he is currently Professor of Multimedia Design at RUFA | Rome University of Fine Art.
He has won awards in numerous international design competitions and has repeatedly presented his research in the field of Information Technology.
He is co-founder of the in4mal project network, where he works as an Architect and Interaction Designer.




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Technical rider

  • Διάρκεια : 960 min.
  • Τύπος: Workshop


Εγγεγραμμένο από
2 Απρίλιος 2014
18 Νοέμβριος 1972

  • Italy Roma


Architect | Interaction Designer, live and work in Rome. Electronics and technology expert focus his work in the field of Architecture, Design and Interactive Environment.
Since 2004 he has taught in several Italian University and Design School. He received several Prize and awards in the field of Design and Interactive Environment. In 2009, his work was selected for the publication in the European Creativity Annual.
Is co-founder of In4mal – Interaction 4 Multimedia & Architecture Lab – a group of expert that propose a multidisciplinary approach to Communication Design: spacing from architecture to performing event and new media.

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