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18 Οκτώβριος 2018
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Luigi Gallo is the President of the Commission for Culture, Education and Science of the Chamber of Deputies in the XVIII legislature, elected for the II legislature to the Chamber of Deputies, leaders in the third most voted plurinominal constituency of Italy and elected to the uninominal with 54.37%. In the previous legislature he was Head of Commission at VII (Education, Science, Culture) from 2013 to 2014 for the M5S and permanent member of the VII commission.

He has supervised the law proposing to reduce university's taxes and numerous other laws and battles covering school, university, right to study, public water, culture, tourism, sport, habitat, justice and transparence author.

He is the author of "Educazione Diffusa - Per salvare il mondo e i bambini" book, written together with Paolo Mottana, a lecturer in "Università di Milano Bicocca". He has proposed many laws on research, the right to study, the defense of teachers and public school, innovative teaching in 2013 obtained in law 104 the approval of a law, never implemented by the government, which would give life to a national virtual library of school books self-produced by schools and would be provided free of charge to families.

OpenParlamento productivity index: 344,4
Ranking: 92nd from 630 deputies - 6th in Campania

He is a computer engineer with CNR's thesis on intelligent habitat, has a Masters in electronics and is electronic's teacher on leave in Naples, musician and ex radio presenter.

He made a reportage on fair and supportive's commerce in Kenya in 2006 and in 2008 he was an international observer in Mexico in solidarity with zapatisti natives. Since 2001 he is engaged on public water theme and contributes to the national mobilization that tlead to 2011 referendum through which Italian people were given a right to choose the route of the
public water.

In the years of social activism, he collaborates with many companies from the Gruppi D'acquisto Solidale to the action in Guerrilla Gardening, the Critical Mass at the farmers markets, from the movements for the zero waste model to the peace march from Perugia to Assisi against the war in Iraq, from the trade fair and support for direct democracy with the participation in the Genoa forums in 2001 and the social forum in Florence.

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