Shades of Us - L'Age d'Or

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Ρυθμός:  +2 ΠΑΝΩ - Δείκτης ΚΑΤΩ | ΠΑΝΩ

AV Performance
The "Shades of Us" performance is mixing video projection on two rectangular screens (or a large wide screen) and lights programmation synchronised with sounds.
L'Age D'Or's first album, "Shades Of Us", is the synthesis of the influences that animated the project during its previous releases. Valentin Fayaud, the band's musical soul, refined his mastery of the different styles that shaped the identity of L'Age D'Or in order to produce a sensible and frontal eight-track. It's an electrical album, in the broad sense of the term, the compositions flout the sub-genres by reconciling IDM (Clark, Oneohtrix Point Never), Bass Music (Clams Casino, Machinedrum), Ambient (Tim Hecker) and Pop.
With the urgency as a main thread, this album, written during the summer 2016, depicts a flickering world, at the very climax of its darkness, with a perspective rooted in the troubled events of our world.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 |




Kiosque à musique La Voulte

Technical rider

  • Διάρκεια : 30 min.
  • Τύπος: AV Performance
1 projector min 6000-7000 lumens (with a wide angle lens if small stage)
1 Snake Stage Box with 8 Input or 8 DI (BEAT stem (L/R), Bass stem (L/R), Synth (L/R) Laptop multi (L/R)) . In any case we can also play with a stereo output only


Εγγεγραμμένο από
5 Απρίλιος 2017

  • France PARIS, Paris


L'Age d'Or is an A / V and immersive duo of live performance and contemporary installations. Founded in 2012, Valentin Fayaud (duet composer) did his research in ethno-musicology and an avant-garde practice of the sound-design, with the release of his first eponym EP on the English label Basillar Records. Following a meeting at a workshop, Nicolas Michel, set & light-designer joined the project. Together, they collaborate on a series of musical works and the promotion of scenography using new technological devices. By joining the Parisian label XVIIIEMEPENINSULE they recorded several opuses, multiply the representations in France and forge themselves a true identity over time . Duality on stage for a synthetic opposition between light and shadow, the project moves towards icy atmospheres and landscapes. We find in his performances a search for textures both sounds and graphics, compositions combining organic, digital rhythms and meditative ambiences.
With their cinematographic influences, Valentin and Nicolas create new narrative devices in the form of video-clip, realised by the duo himself. Collaborating on professional experiences in advertising and events, they naturally decide to extend their project beyond the musical scene and to turn their creations into contemporary installations.

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