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LED Mapping and Stage Design [€ 100]

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Initiation on LED mapping and stage design for events, art installations and performances.
An initiative created by Optikal Ink Lab. Special guest VJ Gorilla.

LED Mapping is a new technique that uses LED technology and DMX/arnet protocols to design spaces, stages, installations, sculptures and suits among others using a specialized software and hardware set-up to programming lights. Meantime stage design makes the difference when it comes down to the details, it is about working with specific spaces thriving on the limitations and using the available area in unique and creative ways to bring out the best for performances or shows.

Currently both techniques are used for different artistic and commercial purposes, we can find sculptures, live AV performances, window shops, scenography and fashion designs based on it but the limit is your creativity. With this workshop we expand the possibilities for those who works with lighting, scenography, visual design and art, as well as for enthusiasts who want to start in this field learning the basic steps to work on it.

Students will get fully-functional 30-day trial versions of the MadMapper software.

PROGRAM (in short)

- DAY 1 - MAY 12th 2016
> Optikal Ink Lab showcase
> Stage design based on LED and Mapping
> Installations, sculptures, AV performances and Wearable Fashion

- DAY 2 - MAY 13th 2016
> Introduction to the technique and montage - Pre-production steps for a stage design
> Graphic render to reality
> Calculating stage size and projection distances.
> Materials and mockups
> Questions and answers.

- DAY 3 - MAY 14th 2016
> How to use MadMapper including a detailed view of all functions.
> Introduction to LED set up
> principles of LED mapping with MadMapper (DMX/Artnet).
> practice with LED KITS

Basic computer knowledge;
Basic level of english (Spanish and French are supported);
Basic skills on video composition and edition Software;
Ethernet port or adapter if needed to connect the DMX controller to the laptop;
Laptop running MacOSX 10.6 or later with a recent powerful graphic card (recommended) NOT MAC AIR.


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