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dada pads

Video Installation
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dada pads

the installation


In short, the purpose of this installation is the total power of choice, random order, destruction of image sequences, deformation and no doubt the controlled moving image during a vj'performance. It should not stir up the beautiful, the proposed rule and order, but a rebellion.

the pads are laid out in a room, passage or on the dance floor in a random way on the ground mounted. wired to a home-made midi interface, send signals toa computer when standing on them, which processes the MIDI data using image sequences and sendig the result to one or more projectors.

as several subsequent signals of different pads - different people raised in different positions - followed by an uncontrollable cycle and repeat each other and a new sequence is created, film is created but free from any deliberate and order.

the footage


the installation is fed with different sets, each having an image-sequences / video pool of 16 clips. they can be changed over the evening. they are built as a thematic structure, which tell a story to the frequency of people standing on the pads in the room.

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