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Subphonik Live

AV Performance
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Subphonik are an English audio-visual collective known for improvised performances exploring the relationship between audio and visual forms

They pride themselves on manipulating audio and video samples beyond recognition on studio productions and during performances.


Subphonik emerged in 1994 from the Big Chill And Escape from Samsara parties in London, playing improvised sets up to 12 hours long with a combinaton of sequenced loops and a range live instruments, including guests such as Ott. Steve Hillage and Mad Shere Khan. Since then they have performed in countries including Morocco, UK, USA, Germany, Hungary, France, Italy and Spain.


Early influences included Electronic Ambient Music, Dub , musique concrete, Indian Music, Gnawa music


Visually Subphonik performances use a language developed from the manipulation of sound renderings using a variety of visual processing techinques, and responses to the environment they are performing in.

Technique and Technology

The exploration of developments in techniques and technology have informed the development of Subphonik's work from the earliest days. Starting with amplified and distorted Specturm ZX Computer drum programs, then on to the Atari ST played live, Vjing from VHS tape, the first versions of CamArt's VJamm, Max/MSP patches, Pure Data and the visualisation of sound using data to drive Maya animations.

http://vimeo.com/subphonik [http://vimeo.com/subphonik]

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