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Discovering VJing (30 euro)

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Discovering VJing (RU & FR workshop):

In this 4-day workshop, we will see how the VJ performance appeared, in technical terms and in the history of art (chronophotography, experimental cinema, video art, body performances, multimedia ...).

We will also expose the theoretical notions concerning VJing and examples of performances, both from the archeology and current productions of VJing. One approach will be devoted to Modul8 and MadMapper softwares!

Day 1: VJ history and education about Media flows, with discovery of Modul8

Day 2: Theory and practice about current VJing with initiation of Modul8

Day 3: Meaning creation and relationship to the music and the sounds. Studying Modul8 in depth, and the special Mapping software : MadMapper

Day 4: Workshop in group on personal projects of participants

Subscription fee: 30 eur.

Number of participants - 15 maximum.

Language: French with translation into Russian.

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