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Grand 8 x Pabloid

AV Performance
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The collaboration between Grand8 and Pabloïd is a game of
improvisation, in sound as well as in image. The visual display is based on the almost exclusive use of video feedback.
With a cathode-ray tube screen and a camera plugged as a
closed circuit, organic, chaotic fgures loom on a protection
screen. Those visual fgures remind some organic natural systems (atoms, cells, fractal images…) even though they are from
an electric and electronic circuit.
They are lead and controlled by light and movement.


• This A/V live was born with the collaboration between the
experimental music band Grand 8 and artist video Pabloïd.
The audiovisual performance was conceived to last between
30 min and one hour but the show is adaptable to several
spaces, lengths, and audiences.
• In an dark place, two musicians are placed in front of a
projection screen. Clément Le Gall on trumpet, and Jean
Galmiche on analog machines. Starting from that musical
base, they improvise their music, helped by the images
behind them.
• The images are created live, thanks to a DV camera plugged in closed circuit with a cathodic TV. Pablo Albandea, also uses different sources of light (torch, laser…)
and his hands to manipulate the video feedback, develop
it with the flow of the sounds and melodies.
• There is a meditative aspect to the performance. Guided
by the long moments of « donors » textures, the spectator
is invited to let go with the flow of continuous sound and
images, just like the artists themselves.
• Some video feedbacks used are close to some mandala
shapes: a circle that is a support of meditation in the
Buddhist philosophy.
At last, there is a real organic dimension that is given
by the sound - the use of blow and analog machines - as
well as images - that reminds us systems known in Nature.

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